(2018-02-15) NSIから送信されるドメイン登録者情報を確認するメールについて

Action Required: Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)

Network Solutions社(以後、NSI)は、NSIのデータベースで管理されているドメインの登録者に対して、登録者のメールアドレス宛に、登録内容の確認のためのメールを届けてくることがあります。





ホームページが急に表示されなくなったり、メールの送受信が行えなくなった場合、「ICANN」の方針に従って、Network Solutions社によってドメインの利用が制限されている可能性があります。その場合、確認メールに記載されている手順に従って、ご対応をお願いいたします。その後、通常数時間から数日で機能回復します。



Network Solutionsからのメール例)

差出人: Network Solutions
メールタイトル: Action Required: Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s)


Dear Domain Name Registrant,

You are receiving this communication because you registered one or more domain 
names through one of our official Network Solutions resellers. Network Solutions 
provides support and services to companies that sell and/or provide domain name 
registrations through a partner program. Domain names registered through these 
partner companies are listed in our database and managed by the partner companies.

Network Solutions is accredited by ICANN, the non-profit corporation who 
oversees the domain name registration system. A policy established by ICANN 
requires that all registrars contact each customer and request them to verify 
the accuracy of their WHOIS information 
(WHOIS is a publicly accessed database containing contact information associated 
with every domain name registration.)

To comply with the policy, we request that you confirm the accuracy of your 
WHOIS contact information. Please note: ICANN states that inaccurate or 
out-of-date contact information in your WHOIS listing may be grounds for domain 
name cancellation.

*Reviewing Your Domain Name Information*
Please take a moment to view the WHOIS listing for each of the domain names you 
currently have registered through us. Please verify your mailing address, email 
address, and the administrative and technical contacts assigned to each domain 
name are correct. If your WHOIS information has changed or is inaccurate please 
log into your account manager and update accordingly. If your WHOIS information 
is correct, you do not need to take any action.

You may review the ICANN policy here 

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Network Solutions Partner Program

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